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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 27, 2009 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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we continue 24/7 on our website. we hope to see you again next time. the spin stops here. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute tonight sean: -- sean: tonight -- >> the system is broken. sean: evidence of liberals and vandalizing democratic offices. >> , cox clan people and white supremacists. sean: 4 get wall street, now house aides are getting huge bonuses. dr. dean's health care lies are exposed.
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the president is now well into his vacation but americans do not have the same luxury. they are getting no vacation. they're worried about the future of their health-care plans. they continue to worry about a government takeover would limit their ability to make choices for themselves and their families. john mccain heard from many of these americans at a town atevenevent. this is what he said. >> i want to reform health care but the costs are out of control. they are double digit inflation. let's not forget, the quality of health care is what must be preserved in america as well. sean: senator mccain is getting ready for another town hall in phoenix and he joins us now. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me.
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sean: i did not see a lot of contentiousness, ia mob, but you expect a pretty heated exchange tonight. >> i do, but i think that the majority of people want a respectful exchange. the essence of the town hall is to listen to people's opinions and have them listen to yours. i hope they will be respectful but if not, i have had over 1000 of them so i can handle it. sean: i think that you can handle it. we were talking about this. if we were to look at ratings in television and radio, these are election-year numbers. i have been on radio since 1986 and they don't think i have ever seen passion like this. we have been on the fox news channel since we started in
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1996. have you seen passion like this from the citizenry speaking out before? >> never. there is a peaceful revolution taking place. there is a grass-roots uprising the likes of which i have never seen. there is anger and concern about the future. there is concern about to be unconscionable debt. let me give you a small example. a young woman yesterday said, i am worried about my freedom. what she was talking about is her right to choose what kind of health care that she wants, what can a physician that she wants, when she can sing a doctor -- see a doctor. she epitomizes the revolt against the system. sean: what do you think about the fact that democrats are virtually in hiding?
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they are not holding these town halls. they are not wanting to face these people. why they fearful? >> i think the first step in the 12 step process, they are in denial about what the americans are upset about and concerned. i don't think they appreciate the depth of the passion. they dismissed the two parties, your freedom rallies, the real opposition to this health care plan. -- they dismissed the tea parties. sean: sarah palin came out with a hard-hitting posting on facebook, which i agree with. then we had the obama administration that brought back this book that the bush administration had got rid of, your life and your choices. they go through a series of scenarios with veterans that
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says, well, you don't want to be a burden to society, to your family. is that the kind of deaf panel -- death panel that people are concerned about? >> yes, i think people are concerned about what is happening in other countries. there is a rationing of health care especially when people reach a certain age as opposed to what kind of health care that they can get. there are incredible delays. i think it is and not just that, it is the example of government- run health care in other countries. america is not ready for that. sean: what happens if chuck schumer and senator harry reid, but what if they go forward and used a reconciliation process because they don't have enough
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democratic senators on board for cloture. what happens then? >> i think that this destroys the unique aspect of the institution of the senate which is the 60 vote principle. jim might recall that i fought hard for that principle. -- you might recall that i fought hard for that principle. i was criticized by some at that time. the fact is that if they go this way in the reconciliation, i think that you will see a backlash in the u.s. senate and across this country. the institution of the senate works on the 60 votes basis in many occasions. sean: have you talked to any of the leadership about this? have you talked to harry reid? the republicans have been left out of the process. there has been no discussion even with you? >> no, and i would point out that the legislation that passed
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the committee and the house was democrat proposed and we try to amend and everyone was turned down. this is not bipartisan nor has there been any significant -- actually, there has been no bipartisan negotiations with the exception of a few republicans in the finance committee. sean: for those who are chronically uninsured, i would support tax credits. i support of medical savings accounts. i believe in tort reform. one of the things that you would support if they ever opened the door for any republican reconciliation or negotiations, what would that be? >> everything he said including expansion of savings accounts and common across state lines to purchase health insurance policies that you feel is good for your family. -- everything that you said including expansion of savings
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accounts and going across state lines to purchase health insurance. safeway rewards their employees for wellness and fitness. they give them incentives for that kind of good behavior. their health care costs have gone down. we need outcome-based treatment. if you have someone with a chronic illness, treat them. if they are well, you can't give them a financial incentive for keeping them well. -- you can give them a financial incentive. the system is going broke. in 8 years, according to the people who oversee this, the trust fund is going broke. we need to fix this. we can do this through free- market incentives and other changes. we can do that but the answer is not a government-run health care
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system. the public option is not the right word. a government auction. maybe this is not an option. -- a government aoption. sean: no doubt you have heard about the death of senator kennedy. i wish him and his family well. what are your thoughts? >> he was a good man. he expressed his thoughts with passion and dedication. i could trust his word. he was a person that i can trust. he was a lot of fun to be around. he loved the institution and he worked across the aisle. sean: good to have you. thank you for being with us. have a good time at your town hall. coming up, the revolt continues.
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details on why up to 39 democratic members of congress are threatening to block the health care bill. democrats have been blaming vandalism of dnc offices
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sean: it is and not just republican standing in the way of health care, some democrats
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oppose any funding for abortion. one democrat said that the one democrat said that the that's a-- tiny netbook. yeah, it's-- good-looking, lightweight. generally awesome. and you could just-- go online, video-chat with my cousin. this is un-- under $200. are you some kind of-- mind reader, visionary ? no, i have them. huh.
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the new lightweight hp mini netbook with windows and america's largest and most-reliable 3g network built in. only 199.99 with mobile broadband plans from 39.99 i am-- speechless, envious. wanna be me right now. getting one. sean: early yesterday morning, 11 windows were smashed at the
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democratic party headquarters in colorado. right after that, the head of the democratic party in colorado said that this was probably done by an opponent of the health care plan. the only person charged in the incident is far from a conservative, he was a paid operatives of the democratic party and he went door-to-door for candidates. he was arrested at the republican convention on the charges of unlawful assembly. i think that apologies might be in order. joining us is the author of "culture of corruption," michelle malkin. i went to a website today. hugo saidyou said, "leftists
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vandalize democratic a headquarters." now there are charges of racism if you disagree with obama policies. >> this is a teachable moment in intellectual honesty. let me read for you the quptote from the democratic party chair, "clearly there has been an effort on the other side to stir up hate. i think that this is the consequence of it." despite the fact that the person who did it is an unhinged, left- wing, not all who has been paid by a coalition to go out and
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canvas for a democratic candidate. despite the fact that he has been arrested at the republican convention in st. paul, despite his history all over the internet of being a left wing activist, the democratic leader refuses to retract her sammear. sean: there was an article in the magazine recently, the suggestion was to show up as klan members to create the appearance that republicans are punch of racists. it seems out of that playbook. >> this is that kind of tactic.
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you see this with democratic party officials, not just the far left ideologues. we have been talking about this for a month about how these masters of astroturf are going and accusing their political opponents of what they practice themselves. sean: let's go back to the issue of health care. this is what i envision, we know what every poll says, americans are against it. they are being demonized and attack. blue dog democrats are going to go back to washington, they will be pulled into the oval office, there will be promises made to fill their campaign coffers, pork barrel spending,
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taxpayer dollars will be offered. where did they come down on the end? their careers are in jeopardy but the arm-twisting will be fast and hard and there will be chicago tactics involved. >> knuckles will be cracked and heads will be rolled. it depends on how aggressive their own constituents aren't raising their voices and countering those -- are at raising their voices encountering those efforts. the left-wing machine is planning a series of protests of their own to try to counter the tea party movement. they are doing it quite cleverly because most of the people who have been able to come out during the summer have jobs, kids that they have to take to school, all the more reason to balance that out and now in the phone lines and putting pressure
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on the blue dog democrats to live up to their principles. sean: john mccain has a town hall meeting and some groups are going to disrupt it. what we have seen is that the stay at home moms, the veterans, the grandmothers, the grandfathers' that have been showing up at these town halls and expressing natural passion, it seems that the manufactured side of this debate is the democratic party. they are paying people to show up. they are getting their union bodies to show up. they are bribing people. isn't a real astroturf on the left? >> it certainly is. you have been mentioning the wholefoods boycott by the far left. "the boston herald" reported that organizing for america was involved in getting its people
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out to one of those wholefoods protests. then you have the fat cats at the united food and commercial workers union to have been handing out fliers that demonize the ceo for coming up with a substantive alternatives. that is what we are dealing with. people are seeing the very ugly side of this and this is a cross the line. sean: he is one of the most generous co's in the country. he gets paid the equivalent of $33,000. -- he is one of the most generous ceo's in the country. president obama gained an unlikely ally. why@
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sean: president obama has acquired a new and unexpected ally, cuba's ex-president fidel castro. is sticking up for president obama. in a recent column, he argued "the extreme right hates him for being african-american and fights with the president to improve the the cheery country -- the deteriorated image of that country." fidel castro, he sounds like some democrats. of theocratic leadership u.s. house of representatives proving how tone deaf they are. speaker pelosi and her friends have now made it possible for congressional aides to receive bonuses.
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the change will allow house employees are earning over $160,000 to be eligible for government-funded subsidies for student loans. year, it will cost you $12.6 million. now we will pay off student loans for government employees making well over six figures. what is next? maybe congressman rangel can these -- pay for these bonuses. he recently uncovered $780,000 additional assets. revisedssed that the virtually double his net worth. few of the assets that he magically forgot to disclose. was a checking account containing as much as half a million dollars. this is coming from the chairman that writes our tax code. i wonder if he goes out to lunch
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geithner. who picks up the bill? from howardlive dean's town hall meeting. took the opportunity to spread the health care gospel. bad he forgot to get his straight. this was put in by one of the conservative prime ministers in history. sean: the national health in in 1948 and theton churchill was not prime minister. prime minister. there's proof bonus on every single purchase. what you do with it is up to you. what will you get back with your cash back? it pays to discover.
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...cuz i'm a, bye! anncr: accidents are bad. anncr: but geico's good. with emergency road service. ding! sean: the white house released a revised 10-year deficit
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reduction confessing that their original estimate was off by two trillion dollars. predicts an 10 years, the u.s. will be in need deep in trillion dollars of debt. how much trouble are we actually in and how will this affect future generations? us is the ohio candidate, john casey. >> good to be with you. sean: how was it possible to be off by two trillion dollars? >> there is no surprise. e always underestimated and they try to sell a rosy scenario. is the way it has always been except for the time when we actually balanced the budget in the late 90's. the problem is that we are running up this kind of debt, everyone knows it. they're going to your tea parties, your freedom concerts'. s a threat to themselves
12:33 am
and their children. with this kind of debt, they will have to raise taxes or they will have to run a printing press. if they run a printing press, this will destroy our savings means that we have to on our children for more. we know that it is possible that we sell debt to more foreigners, come in here, they pay our bills, then they have more control over us. none of the scenarios here are good in terms of creating jobs and helping people to do better. this is the problem. sean: "the wall street journal" out that these numbers include the elimination of the bush tax cuts. that would be a tax increase be a major break from an obama promise if in fact those tax cuts are allowed to expire.
12:34 am
these are even more rosy on top of it and not many people are aware. >> if you want to raise taxes, punish risk takers, that means some people keep their money on the sidelines. what we have to be concerned about is how do we get jobs created, had the we get people some confidence in the economy? get people to have confidence in the things that is me as i talked to many people across the country, they trust politicians. is now you have these politicians coming up with all these schemes. we look at the unemployment hired than -- higher than 9%. to raise taxes. and if they raise taxes on capital gains, this is a disaster. we need to provide an incentive
12:35 am
people to invest money in businesses, to create jobs, to control the size and scope of government. obama turned his presidency over to a bunch of old bulls on capitol hill. changers or reformers. sean: the heritage foundation numbers and some new budget numbers. we have already quadrupled the deficit. this does not include the health proposal which we cannot score because the bill has not written. under obama, washington will spend 30,000 1958 dollars per household and they are only in -- washington spend over $30,000 per household and the they will not taken enough to cover this. >> we will be in a position
12:36 am
where we will borrow half of the spend.hat we about that. will borrow half of the money spend. into this trouble because had runaway spending and debt and now more. debt that they run up is not making a difference because it is punishing the economy. about prosperity in our country. we want families to do better. we want to run down our debt. when we paid down debt and cut taxes, we had a surplus. when i left washington with that great to best people, we had a trillion dollars surplus. of the republicans bear responsibility but obama has gotten on the car and stepped on e accelerator. this is a very troubling thing children, my children, for the country. sean: without health care, we
12:37 am
know -- it seems the obama administration is obsessed with blaming bush, but without health care, is 09 deficit exceeds all years of president bush's red ink. when will they take responsibility? his numbers are not quite in free fall. i know what i have found is that done a miraculous he has united republicans did not think would be done. independents are very very worked up. partieo a parties are with independent voters. people are worried about their kids and their families.
12:38 am
sean: the state of rhode island down for 12 days. we know what works. limited government, lower taxes, more power from the bottom up. stop this. stop all of this ideology that taken us down the wrong road. sean: we are watching the race for closely. thank you for being with us. when we come back, the great american panel. (announcer) if you think all batteries are the same, consider this: when a tornado tore through holly, colorado, air life denver took to the air... their night-vision goggles keeping them safe on a perilous flight... and powering those precision goggles--- is the only battery air life trusts: duracell. trusted everywhere.
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sean: she is one of the most successful college football coaches, lou holtz. -- he is one of the most successful college football coaches.
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we're also joined by one -- juan williams and noelle nikpour. the president's numbers are down. he is currently at 45%. the american people did not support any health care plan. changeve been trying to terms to attack the american people. where is he going wrong? he is not listen as much support as you suggest. he is a pretty positive president. polls have him at about 50% over 50%.
12:44 am
sean: zombie has some at 45%. -- zogby has him at 45%. >> ok. he is willing to pay the political price. he wants to improve health care for america. sean: you cannot tell me what the health-care plan is. the problem. >> that is one of the biggest problems just like the stimulus. >> he blames everyone else, it never his fault. long will it be someone else? when i took over at notre dame, [inaudible] when he campaigned, he said we're pointed to it -- he said
12:45 am
we're going to get rid of the deficit. say we're going to blame someone else. >> actually, obama did take ownership. he said the economy is now mine fix it.ll try to obviously, it is still in mass. he should not keep blaming bush. that is what he is doing. >> the fact is that there were deficits run up by those 8t bush during years. there also benefits that are not paid for. ultimately, it will be obama's responsibility. bush run up huge deficits one that wethe have now. have and we had a massive recession? to move to keep the unemployment rate from
12:46 am
dropping? sean: bush ponce's last deficit was 455 million. -- bush's last deficit. then he said that unemployment go above 8%. now the estimates from six he is off by two trillion dollars. >> how are you going overboard with this? how are you miscalculating this much? according to them, things are worse than they anticipate a. even the person who runs the omb, this is a catastrophic deal with thisto somehow. sean: right now, under barack obama, washington will spend $31,000 per household.
12:47 am
only take in 17,000 and borrow the other 14,000. how do you spend that much money when you don't have that money? aw do you do this and remain society?t was born during the depression. if he could not afford it, you not do. you just played and now you rip pants printer with your your pants. -- you just played it and now pants.ked your do this to your legs. it was a conservative family. i know some people that will buy a candy bar with a credit card. with the problem we have now
12:48 am
i canre left to buy what afford rather than what i want, what a novel idea. sean: there was something the day that iof was dead on. what don't we expect from the more?ment any have standing may come a bankrupt, social security, bankrupt, medicare, a bankrupt. -- we have fannie mae, bankrupt. >> most americans appreciate social security. i hear people who say, protect medicare. people talking about the veterans administration which is by the government. sean: this was bankrupted. who bankrup>> who did that? >> this data california has too many social programs and not
12:49 am
money to pay for it. if we don't watch out, the whole u.s. will end up like california. >> the three of you will run on platform of no social security, no medicaid. people would throw the three of you away. >> the public found out that get money from the public treasury. lived by the constitution. the constitution is pretty good. to have a credit card, 300 words less. we have 10,000 pages of taxes. why don't we make this 300 pages taxes? [laughter] >> would you have allowed the
12:50 am
unemployment rate to skyrocket? we have to keep this economy from going down. >> i think that you extend the insurance longer. a hundredave to throw billion dollars away. sean: they said that if we spent it, it would not go over 8%. i have to ask you a question. >> if there is more than $1 billion, it can only be one item. sean:p@ñppñ÷ññxxx
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(announcer) we understand. you need to save money.
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sean: and we continue now with our great, great american panel. are rizzs andyou this college football season with dr pepper -- you are raising $1 million. >> yes, your children or my grandchildren. we have a lot of ways for it. sean: all right, there is some that you, yourself, coach, you are considering a run for the u.s. congress and that decisionmake a in january or february. >> no, i am an espn analyst, and is florida versus notre dame. all the presses. sean: you are under contract one year. january our february, would you consider a run for the president
12:56 am
for the office? let me tell you what. sean: this is the first time, coach, i never ever seen you squirm. >> this is the country that i come to believe in. you have got to feel strong about the constitution,ç about fiscal responsibility, about making good decisions. we needç somebody -- i never gt in term limits by my age already. get some younger people in there who have the enthusiasm. sean: tomorrow, he run for congress?" if i can get it up to 90%, will you run? i work with espn. you are trying to get me fired.
12:57 am
sean: we would both go down. >> i want to tell you. just believe in holding people and when you say are going to do something, go do it. this is not about politics. this is about our future. it is about doing the right thing. everything has to be based on trust, and people do not trust the government. the reason nobody believes it is because they have lost trust in the government. if you're going to do something, do it to the best of your ability. i do not mind paying taxes, but, gosh darn it, do not lose it, topended portly, ascended in prison. >> this is the type of politician that we need. and politicians who cares. the coach would not be running because he needs the position, he wants the famous. d be running because of conscience. i would run for office at
12:58 am
some point in my life. yes, i would. >> that would be interesting. fascinating. i can imagine your opponents. çyou know, the problem with the that he said is dame in the championship çgame? people are going to say, "hey, the old guy is losing it." >> hey, let me tell you. we could be second in the country. everybody calls me an idiot. it's a guy finishes last in medical school, they call him dr. -- if a guy finishes last in medical school. sean: sean: we are missing people with that passion, that commitment. i have never liked term limits, and i vacillate sometimes and say it is as bad an idea as they come. >> it is not about voting with your party.
12:59 am
>> no, but i do agree that we need politicians that absolutely have a passion for it, and today, i think we are seeing -- >> would you ever run? >> no, but i would raise money for a good candidate. sean: why not? >> because i am not in a position to run. sean: sure, you are. >> you need good people. >> yes, sure, but let me tell you something. you go out on the campaign trail, and i do not care if it is for congress or may or president, and they are good people, and we tend to vilify people and put down a good politicians, and i do not think that is a good thing. sean: stay away from these kids and families of politicians. >> they can say anything that they want is true, but do not give a half truth, and that is where you have to stand up. people say a hat trick, and nobody will stand up a